Cambo professionally and personally prepares each astrological chart for you. These make great gifts for friends, family, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, compatibility charts for newly-weds, or for that special someone. Each chart whether it is a natal, forecast or compatibility chart, may include hundreds of pages depending on your own personalized chart. We offer subscription package deals if you decide to receive a weekly astrological forecast report. Check out the Subscriptions tab.


The Compatibility/Relationship Chart takes an IN-DEPTH look into the areas of compatibility between you and your partner. We personally & professionally prepare this chart for you. The report will reveal the dynamics that exist between you, including potential problem areas and opportunities for mutual growth and transformation. Areas covered in this chart include: Love, Sexual compatibility, Potential stresses.


To prepare this chart we require for BOTH PERSONS:

1. The Date of Birth

2. Town & Country of Birth

3. Time of Birth (am OR pm)


If you are unsure of the time of birth, provide the closest time (or early morning, around noon, early evening, late evening, etc.

Astrological Compatibility Chart

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$49.00Sale Price
  • Please allow for up to 24 hours after purchase to receive your custom astrological chart(s) via email. 

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