Tibetan Higher-Self reading
Tibetan Higher-Self reading
Tibetan Higher-Self reading

Tibetan Higher



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The Tibetan Higher Self reading is a great way to find out the situations or blocks that are keeping you from achieving a balanced, focused and fulfilling life. This reading will tap into your unconscious mind along with the universal mind to deliver you an insightful and informative Higher Self reading.  Many people that have done this reading are surprised by how much they learn from their Higher Self and the solution to overcoming any blocks or fears that are hindering them and keeping them on their path. There is no right or wrong answers to the questionnaire below. Be open and specific with details.


  • Breath in a circular motion with your eyes closed.  

  • Visualize being in a place outside that is safe and secure.

  • When your able to sense your surroundings, slowly turn in a circle in your minds eye.

  • Take in all the details you can from every direction, including textures, natural landmarks, colors, animals, plants and specifics on any of those as well.

  • After you have confidently "mapped" out your surroundings, take time to reflect on the details in your mind's eye and answer each one of these questions. Be as detailed as possible.  


1. What is in front of you?

2. What is behind you?

3. What is to the right of you?

4. What is to the left of you?

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